Pa-rum-pum-pum pum

Born, raised, and currently residing in Adelaide, South Australia, Sarah is a bipedal humanoid of average stature and ostensibly female gender. She enjoys cheese, shiraz, and a rewarding relationship with her Xbox 360. She has met Garth Nix, hugged Drums Wolf, and been within two metres of Summer Glau. She has not joined Facebook, got her driver's license, or managed to bake a satisfactory gluten-free pastry. She believes in a thing called love. She does not believe in probability, the delta function, or the mutual exclusivity of Great Truths.

Sarah is especially fond of: the Late Great Douglas Adams bees baked chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms on a bed of mashed potato and wilted baby spinach in a sweet marsala sauce cephalopods Messers Fry and Laurie Mister Neil Gaiman those well-behaved Japanese children steamed jiaozi the Bearded Beast that is Alan Moore Mister Terry Pratchett fruity sake the art of Ralph Steadman fictional villains with real motives things with wings

She is available for commissions, exhibitions, and casual chats.

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